Spring 2021 Season

Spring 2021 Season

To all SCDSL member clubs:

As we all know, back in December CA came out with their youth sports RTP guidelines which indicated a January 25th RTP date (potentially) with more information to follow by January 4, 2021. What followed was not an update on RTP dates but an expansion of the colored Tier system which placed youth soccer in the Orange (3rd) Tier. Since 99% of CA is still in the Purple Tier, this tells us that CA has no intention of allowing soccer to RTP by the end of January and, based on the COVID case counts in the State of CA we don't anticipate the counties involved in the SoCal soccer to move to the Orange Tier this month or potentially next month either.

At this time, we'll adjust out start date to February 20th. Again, if by some chance the state changes it's mind (for the good) or extends the course it's currently maintained (for the bad), this date will be adjusted.

With that in mind, and knowing that clubs are having or have had tryouts for the 2021/22 season, we are re-opening the application system and will accept drops until 2 weeks prior to an established, and confirmed, RTP date. Clubs will not be fined for drops and any fees paid for dropped teams can be rolled forward to newly registered teams.

The Technical Committee also determined that since tryouts are happening for the 2021 season that teams that are currently 7v7 and moving to 9v9 for the 2021 season and teams that are 9v9 and moving to 11v11 for the 2021 season will play based on the 2021 field size. This will help clubs with team formations as they are built for the 2021 season.

More will be communicated as we receive information.

Thank you.