Showcase Information and Playoff Information!

The season is under way!  We had a Great first weekend!

Links for the following can be found here:

Showcase Dates (2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 Only)

Showcase Schedules *Posted two weeks before your play date.

The Playoff format will be posted shortly!  Teams will Qualify into a Qtr Final.  ALL TEAMS WILL NOT QUALIFY THIS YEAR.  For Example:

B2003 Flight 1 = 24 out of 29 will Qualify

B2003 Flight 2 = 48 out of 52 will Qualify

B2003 Flight 3 = 16 out of 20 will Qualify

G2003 Flight 1 = 32 out of 36 will Qualify

G2003 Flight 2 = 40 out of 42 will Qualify

G2003 Flight 3 = All will Qualify

We will create as many Brackets of 8 per each flight.  

More Details to come!