In Loving Memory of Nancy Wagner.......

In Loving Memory of Nancy Wagner.......

Nancy Wagner passed away last night after a short fight with lung cancer having been diagnosed just before Christmas. Her husband notified me last night that she was in the final stages of her life here with us and that she was comfortable and not in any pain. I'm thankful for that. Her daughters and her husband were with her when she passed.

My heart hurts as I've lost a wonderful friend and the soccer community has lost a long-time supporter and volunteer. Everyone in youth soccer in So Cal knows, or has heard of Nancy and she has been a tremendous part of the SCDSL. Nancy and I were polar opposites in so many ways which made us the perfect match. If Nancy was your friend, you had a friend for life and she would do anything for anyone and she loved her soccer people!

According to her husband, Nancy did not want a funeral or memorial service so they are honoring her request.

Please keep your good memories of her alive and maybe even cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs for a game or two this year (which will be hard for me as a Broncos fan but I will do it for her!)

Please just take one little moment today to think about her and think of a memory you shared with her. She may be gone but she will never be forgotten.